Category: Dance

  • From an Island, #4 (Homage to Rauschenberg’s ‘Pelican’)

    No sense trying to sleep during full moon madness, the night after our “Homage to Pelican,” for me a joyful return to the zone of performer’s mind, the thrill of improvisation. And especially meaningful to be performing with Susan Banyas, with whom I danced and made theatrical mischief for many years as the expandable duo […]

  • On an Island

    “Odysseus asked to spend eternity making his way from a war indefinitely far in the past to an island indefinitely far in the future.” I’m presently on an island. I’m sitting on the dock of the Fish House, reading The Lost Books of the Odyssey. A pelican drops scissor-like into the sea. A pair of […]

  • After Pina (for Wim Wenders)

    Balancing branches on his shoulders, a man stacking chairs, three stories high. Slide on water, swim for your life. Leap for joy, generosity. Sacrifice. Why this yearning? I wanted to give her lightness. I forgot I was shy. My fragility was my strength. She told me to dance for love. He wears demon ears, sits […]