The Collaborative Skein: A Conversation

The poet Piotr Florczyk just published a remarkable collections of poems, From the Annals of Krakow, based on testimonies from Jewish survivors from his home town, Krakow, in the Shoah Archive at USC, where he Piotr did a residency. This conversation between the two of us, about Piotr’s book, about the forthcoming Polish edition of  The Crooked Mirror, about memory and history and how we find common ground, was just published in The Los Angeles Review of Books

Kaziemerz Dolny, Jewish headstones.

One Response to “The Collaborative Skein: A Conversation”

  1. Erica Clark Says:

    The photo of you — and your continuing dedication — are both so moving in their specific ways, dear Lulu.

    I’ve got to subscribe to LARB…

    Meanwhile did I mention how much I enjoyed watching Mado? She’s exquisite. And I can easily picture you doing the same warmups.

    E xoxo

    Erica Clark 626.375.1433



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