Being Heard

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It’s been an emotional and gratifying week, giving my first book talk on The Crooked Mirror, being interviewed by the wonderful Jack Miles at ALOUD (video, podcast to be posted soon) and receiving two deeply thoughtful and beautifully written reviews– one by poet Piotr Florzck in the Los Angeles Review of Books (and thank God for LARB and the possibility of the existence, these days, of a long review) and the other by Rabbi Haim Beliak– a mover and shaker in the cause of Jewish renewal in Poland– in the Jewish Journal

So here are links to both reviews. Here’s giving thanks to those who’ve already attended a reading or a talk… I’ve been buoyed by the response, the sense of a community eager to hear and talk about this work. There is so much need for reconciliation in so many parts of this planet, so many parts of our lives. I remember when “The Souvenir” came out in 2001, after 9/11, and when a young film development person told my agent, “No one wants to hear stories about reconciliation — we’re at war.” Well, I didn’t believe it then, and I don’t believe it now.

photo: Misterium: Poem of the Place, Lublin, TeatrNN

5 Responses to “Being Heard”

  1. It’s an honor to know you, Louise. And it’s a privilege to read your work. Warmest wishes, Carolyn


  2. April Fitzsimmons Says:

    Congrats!!!! will read tomorrow – I’m just finishing a draft of my new pilot and will read as soon as I finish. The link to the Jewish Journal one isn’t launching correctly. xoxo April


  3. I am very sorry to just be learning about this, but grateful that I at least found you now. I have also been involved in reconciliation efforts and I am wondering if you are familiar with the Polish organization called Forum for Dialogue Among Nations? I am the daughter of a concentration camp survivor and have traveled twice to Poland. I would love to speak with you further about your own work and experience, in addition to my own. I hope you will contact me. Thank you.


  4. Hi dear. That LA review made me cry. Bravo!XXXX


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