After Pina (for Wim Wenders)

Balancing branches
on his shoulders,
a man stacking
chairs, three
stories high.
Slide on water, swim
for your life.
Leap for joy, generosity.
Why this

I wanted
to give her
I forgot I was shy.
My fragility
was my strength.
She told me to dance
for love.

He wears demon ears,
sits in the last seat.
She stomps
the pillow.
They thrust hips,
buttocks bulge
through shiny dresses.
Little dog nips his nimble
tapping heels.

Ah to be old.
Ah to be young.
Words can only
evoke. That’s where
comes in
again. At the edge
a cliff.
Very carefully, two floors
up…from the icy
the Traveler enters.

Dance, dance, or
else we are lost.

Under the flyway
on top of the glacier
restrained by a rope
with dirt.
does this yearning
come from?

O woman in the red
billowy dress,
dance for me.

Dance, dance,
or else we
are lost.

In the forest,
at the bottom
of the lake
in the mine shaft
hundreds of feet
the ground.
Tap chest
three times, nod
your head.
Give in
to gravity,
hold back. Unwrap
spring up

Dance, dance,
or else
we are lost.

January 14, 2012
-Louise Steinman

12 responses to “After Pina (for Wim Wenders)”

  1. An absoultely stunning poem – way out on a limb on page 61. Glad I had the patence to delve so far. This poem made the trip all the worth while. A wonderful rhythmic ride from beginning, that unfortunately came to an end too soon – with a beautiful cameo at the beginning. Thanks.


  2. My daughter (a dancer) and I saw the film last week, – what exuberant sorrow, what lingering joy, and now to read your wonderful piece, i could feel the heart of it all over again!


  3. bumped into wim at ifc theater in nyc
    going into “norwegian wood” him
    coming out from talk on “pina”.
    good zen coming & going moment…
    your words are untranslatable blissblipblogbesos! tx jomafuji


  4. Waiting for the man with the balancing branches, the mine shaft, the billowy red dress–we just came home from the film, and all your images fell into place. Thank you for this….


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